Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint-5

I hope that this series is giving you some food for thought regarding the things we can easily do to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve this planet for our children and our children’s children.

  Speaking of food…..Grow your own food to reduce your carbon footprint as well as to help your budget.  Doesn’t get any greener, fresher, or more nutritious than this!  If you have a brown thumb and just cannot grow anything, then you need to buy local. 

  There are local farmers that you can support at the farm or at the local Farmer’s Markets.  We are lucky to have a Farmer’s Market located at the Southern Lanes parking lot every Friday 3-6pm during the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall.  This is such a great resource for our city—take advantage of it!

   Neltner’s Farm is located in Camp Springs and they have home grown produce at the farm stand and they go to the Farmer’s Market as well.  Why spend money to buy produce grown hundreds or thousands of miles away, when you can get fresh from the farm veggies grown locally?  To me it is a no brainer!  Buy Local!  It helps the environment, it helps your family’s nutrition, and it helps your local farmers.  Such an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint!


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