Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MYO Vanilla Extract

Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans wrapped in a vanilla orchid

     If you have never tried to make homemade vanilla extract, you need to do it ASAP!  It is so aromatic and just as easy as it is good!  Only 2 ingredients are required—alcohol and vanilla beans.  That is it!  Vodka is the most neutral of the alcohol choices, but you can use rum or bourbon if you like.  I do prefer the vodka though.  Vanilla beans can be ordered from Olive Nation and they usually ship the vanilla beans free which is a great perk!  Go to  to order your beans!

   All you need to do is slit each bean almost in half and add to the jar of alcohol in a ratio of 5 beans to 8 oz. alcohol.  Make sure jar is sealed and store in a dark place for 5-6 weeks at least.  Shake it several times a week.  Remember, patience is a virtue—the longer it sits, the better the flavor!  

  If you want you can top off the extract with more alcohol several times before the beans loose their flavor.  Enjoy!


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