Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Few Snow Reminders From The Public Works Department!

Here are some snow related tips from our Public Works Department:

   When snow is predicted and you have a driveway, PLEASE USE IT…keeping cars off the street so they can clear a bigger path means they can pile snow in yards, not on your car. It is very helpful to you and the crew to have the cars off the street so a wider path can be created. It also is safer for your car, and the City crew for avoiding accidents.
  • When snow is plowed, some will usually end up in your driveway and yard…it’s either that, or the street doesn’t get plowed. The snow has to go somewhere!
  • Mailboxes…again, the snow is pushed to the side of the street and may block your mailbox. It is your responsibility to clear the snow around your mailbox so they will deliver mail.  

    • We are asked why salt hasn’t been put down during snow storms? If the temperature is below 25 degrees, salt does not work and is thus wasteful.
    Your patience and understanding are appreciated during Winter weather conditions!  Be safe Alexandria!


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