Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fighting Food Inflation!

Do you know how you can fight food inflation?  Coupons, you may be thinking but that is not the only way!  Grow more of your own food.  Even if you are in an apartment you can grow herbs in the windowsill or deck.  Growing sprouts is a cheap and easy way to grow fresh, nutritious greens for your family year round. 
 If you have flower beds, why not incorporate  some veggie plants in them?   Raised bed gardens are a great way to grow veggies, especially in this area with our clay soil.  The Square Foot Garden book is a great resource to get started with growing your own food! 
  I challenge you all to grow some form of fruits or veggies in your available space be it a window, flower bed, raised bed garden or the traditional garden.  You can save money and feed your family fresh, homegrown produce!  That's a win, win in my book!

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