Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stock Up Alert

    Meijer has the Stock up Alert item this week—actually it is 2 items!  Strawberries are 5 for $5 and cabbage is 19 cents per pound.   Both of these are super prices so why not take advantage of the sale?
Image of Strawberries
     You could flash freeze the strawberries to use later.  Just cut off the green tops and wash, pat dry and place on a cookie sheet in the freezer until completely frozen.  Then bag the berries and place in the freezer.  Remember to label and date the freezer bag!  Jam is a great way to use your stash of berries!  I follow the jam recipe in the pectin package—just 3 ingredients, fruit, sugar and the pectin.  I see jam making in my near future! What about you?
    Does anyone use cabbage in their vegetable soup?  If so, just shred the cabbage the size you like it and bag in freezer bags, label, date, and throw in the freezer.
Or you could make Sauerkraut.  I haven’t tried that but you could google it and give it a try—19 cents per pound is a great buy.  Cabbage will keep in your refrigerator much longer than lettuce so buy an extra for slaw and store it in the produce bin inside the fridge!

  Both items are very good for you foods that are cheap to buy right now so I encourage you to take advantage of them!

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