Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint-4

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Hopefully you have been seeing how easy it is to start reducing your carbon footprint by the previous
 articles--First,  Second, Third.  Well, here are three more easy ways:  Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

   Reduce --Choose purchases with little or no packaging. Buy in bulk. Use cloth grocery bags. Can your own foods and get rid of metal cans.  Glass jars can be used over and over again. Buy less.

  Reuse--upcycle or repurpose items.  Donate to a charity or second hand shop. Pinterest is a great resource for repurposing items--trash to treasure sites help also. Buy from yard sales or second hand shops. Hand me downs are usually very much appreciated!

  Recycle--This is an easy thing to do as we have curbside recycling here in Alexandria.  It is just a matter of discipline and setting the recycling can to the curb.

   These are all very easy, responsible, money saving, eco-friendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make this a better planet for our children.  Let's just DO IT!



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